Pro CISO® Cybersecurity

Professional Cybersecurity, in favor of the CISO. That's our trademark.

Pro CISO® is a cybersecurity services company founded in the Netherlands in 2021. 
Our reason to exist is simple: support organizations to solve critical cybersecurity challenges. We don’t stop at advisory, we get the job done. 

Pro CISO® is led by former CISOs and works with a distributed team from all over the world as a cyber collective.

We are a selected group of certified cybersecurity experts immersed in various niche industries and verticals.

With deep knowledge and hands-on experience in their domains, Pro CISO® brings together all the right people and expertise needed to help organizations drive action and results.

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Pro CISO® Professionals Bridging the People gap in Cybersecurity.

Pro CISO® provides actionable guidance for enhancing or implementing a Cyber Risk Management program based on lightweight tools, but also practical guidance for mitigating a critical issue or identifying a quick-win solution.

Pro CISO® enables customers to rapidly implement security capabilities, that are delivered as a turn-key service. From Awareness programs, to Vulnerability Scanning or Threat Intelligence capabilities, to entire managed SOC implementations.

Pro CISO® performs high quality security assessments and penetration testing at competitive costs. Our customers rely on us to periodically test their Mobile Apps, Web Sites, Connected Products, IoT platforms, each individually, or end-to-end.

Our Directors

Mario Procopio

Founder and Managing Director

Naomi Levi

Cybersecurity Director

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