Pro CISO® Advisory Services

Enabling your digital business through both strategic programs and tactical projects

Strategic Advisory

Pro CISO® can design a holistic cyber strategy that is specific to the company's business. We help design a continuous improvement cybersecurity program, suggest the organizational structure, define the policies and processes based on standard frameworks and integrated within an Integrated Risk Management platform.

Practical Guidance

Thanks to the extensive experience in helping organizations to identify the threats to their business and the vulnerabilities in their systems, Pro CISO® can suggest effective remediation actions, based on international security standards (such as NIST, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, etc.), best-practices and best-fit solutions that are balanced between risk exposure and cost.

Cyber Review

Pro CISO® can review an organization's IT architecture, network topology, application exposure to identify security weaknesses and opportunities for optimization. We can perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to verify the resilience of the infrastructure from an attacker's perspective.

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