Pro CISO® Security Testing

Penetration testing is a critical cybersecurity control that takes a proactive approach to assessing the security posture.

By simulating real-world attacks, organizations can proactively identify and address security flaws before malicious hackers exploit them. Penetration testing goes beyond detecting vulnerabilities. It also helps organizations understand the potential impact of successful attacks to prioritize security efforts and allocate resources effectively.​

Many industries and regulatory standards require regular security assessments, including penetration testing , to ensure compliance. Making security not just a choice, but a necessity. ​

Discover security excellence with Pro CISO’s team of ethical hackers. All activities performed are according to the main standards and best practices, including OWASP v4, OWASP Mobile Security Testing, ISECOM OSSTMM 3.0, NIST CSRC, NIST 800-30.​


Verifying the security of internal, external and wireless network equipment, using a variety of tools and techniques based on international standards and best practices. 


Testing the exposure of the Customer's SaaS, PaaS and IaaS clouds against threats, following standards as ISO/IEC 27017 and methodologies defined by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


Verifying the robustness of web and mobile apps against cyber threats, by adhering to standards like OWASP and utilize proven methodologies to safeguard integrity and confidentiality.

Specialized penetration testing activities according to the ISO 21434 standards, UNECE R155 and R156,
RED, etc. From connected cars to autonomous vehicles.


Penetration testing in IoT, hardware,
software and architectural side
following applicable best practices and
regulations, such as OWASP ISVS, ETSI EN 303 645, etc.


Testing API endpoints for vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with OWASP API Security Top 10 and other recognized standards. Methodologies include penetration testing and automated scans.

Security Assessments

Security Assessments can be performed at multiple levels and will help customers to identify vulnerabilities in source code, exposures to threats, application weaknesses, dependencies on internal and externals resources, reliance on 3rd parties and broadness of the supplier supply chain.​

Threat Modeling

Source Code Review

Architecture Review

Posture Review 

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