Pro CISO® Operations

We offload the complexity of managing Cybersecurity for our Customers, by enabling cyber resilience through our managed services.

Security Awareness programs

Security Awareness

Security Awareness is the first line of defense for any organization. Pro CISO® helps the customer to define its cybersecurity awareness program in alignment with the company culture. Thanks to the partnership with KnowB4, Pro CISO® will manage the entire program for the customer by delivering fun and interesting training sessions, contextualized Phishing simulations, and will provide reports to show the improvements achieved by the organization.  

Cybersecurity Rating and 3rd party monitoring

Cybersecurity Rating

In partnership with SecurityScorecard, Pro CISO® provides a fully managed Cybersecurity Rating service, allowing customers to verify their security posture against their competitors. The service will identify the quick-wins and remediation tips for rapidly improving the customer's rating. The service also allows 3rd party security monitoring of vendors and suppliers. 

Darkweb and OSINT Threat Intelligence Service Specialized in identifying leaked credentials in the Darkweb

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a core component of the cybersecurity strategy, providing insight into an organization's information that is circulating in the dark web forums/channels and open sources like social media. Pro CISO® delivers a comprehensive Threat Intelligence and Proactive Alerting service to promptly inform companies if their data has been leaked or if bad actors are targeting their infrastructure, their products or their services.

Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability Management

Infrastructure, Web applications and Cloud environments should be frequently assessed to identify the presence of new vulnerabilities, that should be promptly mitigated before bad actors can exploit them. Pro CISO® delivers Vulnerability Management capabilities to organizations and suggests smart remediation strategies, to rapidly reduce the vulnerability exposure.  

Jump-Start Managed SOC

Managed SOC

For customers using Microsoft Azure,  Pro CISO® can enable a fully managed jump-start Security Operations Center, based on Microsoft Sentinel. SOC projects are very complex and can take months to contract and even more to implement.  In just a few weeks, Pro CISO® will guide the customer to activate Sentinel in its Azure tenant and support the integration of log sources and implement use-cases for achieving immediate visibility of ongoing events and being ready to detect and respond to incidents with its experienced SOC analysts.  

Zero Trust secure Remote Access

Zero Trust Remote Access

Pro CISO® offloads the overhead of deploying and managing the remote access to work environments for employees and 3rd parties. It can replace obsolete VPN solutions, that provide unlimited access to the company network, instead of just granular access to few, specific applications or systems. The cost is reduced compared to other solutions, because you only pay the concurrent usage, not the maximum number of potential users.

Administrator Management service

Privileged Access Management

IT administrators and 3rd parties might be granted unlimited privileges in order to perform their daily system management duties. It's therefore paramount that organizations be able to control and limit privileged access to systems and monitor the activities performed by the internal or external administrators. Pro CISO® delivers a secure, scalable and cost-effective PAM service from the Cloud to allow companies to start securing their privileged identities in a matter of days.

Digital Security Risk Management platform

Cyber Risk Management

A Cybersecurity Risk Management program, implemented on an IRM platform, will allow an organization to identify its assets, the data processed and the authorized subjects. This information, based on the risk exposure,  will define the priority for implementing the required security and privacy measures, within a continuous-improvement program. Pro CISO® delivers an end to end comprehensive risk management program that integrates business process mapping, asset inventory, gap assessment, risk assessment, remediation planning and reporting within a multi-tenant IRM platform.  

Endpoint Admin Rights Management

Workstation Admin Rights

Empower employees to perform approved configurations on their workstations (eg. configure printers, Wi-Fi) and install approved software autonomously, without providing them full administrator privileges. Providing administrator rights to all users exposes companies to huge risks of widespread compromise (eg. a malware is inadvertently introduced, or the user disables security features) or software compliance issues (eg. unlicensed software is installed). 

Innovative Products

Enterprise Password Manager

Dashlane provides Personal and Business vaults, SSO integration, anti-Phishing, API, Passkeys and Secrets management.

Certificate Manager

Sectigo certificate manager provides one platform to control the life-cycle of all digital certificates, in IT, Cloud and #IoT environments.

Asset Discovery

Axonius asset discovery integrates with existing IT and security platforms (eg. XDR, Active Directory, Azure, Google & AWS Cloud) to discover and qualify all the assets within their Cloud tenants and on-premise networks.

Risk Management GRC/IRM

Pro CISO® implements OneTrust to automate centralized Risk Management programs in which Privacy and Cybersecurity are fully integrated.

Zero Trust Remote Access

Workforce Remote Access

Replacement for legacy VPN solutions to provide remote access to employees and 3rd parties. Concurrent user licensing. Setup a free trial in just minutes.

IT Admin Access Control

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution to allow secure and controlled access to IT Admins. Both internal and external.  

Access to Isolated areas

Provide secure access to Segregated environments, ensuring IT / OT integration. Reduce costs, improve security.

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