Cybersecurity Management made simple, using Pro CISO®'s CA/CR™ methodology

Pro CISO® announces Continuous Assessment / Continuous Remediation (CA/CR™), our registered trademark for streamlined and practical Cybersecurity Management!

We are excited to introduce our innovative service concept: Continuous Assessment and Continuous Remediation (CA/CR™). This approach is designed to facilitate organizations to easily improve their cybersecurity posture, inspired by the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in DevOps.

CA/CR™ is our unique approach to cybersecurity management. Similar to CI/CD in DevOps, which ensures continuous integration and deployment, CA/CR™ ensures continuous assessment and remediation. Leveraging international security standards like ISO 27001, NIST CSF 2.0, PCI-DSS, etc., and regulations such as GDPR and NIS2, we continuously evaluate the presence and effectiveness of each control, identify coverage gaps, and determine both current and target risk levels after remediation.

The traditional approach to cybersecurity involves periodic assessments followed by often disconnected remediation efforts. This method is costly, inefficient, and typically results in reactive measures that do not align with long-term security strategies. Organizations spend significant resources on assessments and then additional funds on implementing remediation actions through various suppliers, leading to fragmented and short-term fixes.

Our CA/CR™ approach simplifies Cybersecurity Management by integrating continuous assessments and continuous remediations. Using custom toolkits or advanced GRC tools integrated with Slack or Microsoft Teams, we harmonize controls from multiple standards. This comprehensive and continuous process ensures that assessments and remediations are seamlessly linked, providing a cohesive and ongoing strategy for managing cybersecurity risks.

The Benefits of CA/CR™

  1. Cost Efficiency: Replace expensive one-off assessments, with a lightweight continual CA/CR™ process that provides immediate visibility and thus rapid mitigation of risks on an ongoing basis.
  2. Contextual Remediations: The recommended countermeasures are tailored to the specific business context in that moment in time, possibly covering multiple gaps simultaneously.
  3. Sized to Fit: The program can be optimized for any size company, focused on a the entire organization, or initially a limited scope of departments and systems including on only the relevant controls.
  4. Strategic Alignment: CA/CR™ ensures that remediation actions align with long-term business strategies, rather than being isolated initiatives.
  5. Progressive Risk Reduction: With each iteration, the scope is extended, emerging threats are identified and mitigated proactively, leading to a progressively lower risk profile.

CA/CR™ ensures that the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures are reviewed and improved continuously, in function of the evolving threats that the organization is exposed to. Threat Modelling is performed both in the Assessment phase and the Remediation phase, to verify that the suggested remediation actions are both effective and proportioned to the identified risks.

We are proud to announce that CA/CR™ is a registered trademark of Pro CISO®, highlighting its innovative and disruptive nature in the field of cybersecurity. Just as CI/CD has transformed DevOps, CA/CR™ is set to revolutionize cybersecurity management, providing continuous, integrated protection and improvement.

Are you ready to revolutionize your cybersecurity management? Partner with Pro CISO® to implement the Continuous Assessment and Continuous Remediation (CA/CR™) approach. 

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