Struggling to integrate all Apps with Single Sign On, but still want to remain in control ?

When it isn't practical to integrate all corporate apps with SSO, it's still possible to adopt an overlay solution, that is integrated with SSO, providing MFA and central access enforcement to applications, with the possibility to monitor the activities performed.

The reasons why organizations need to integrate their enterprise applications with Single Sign On are the following:
  1. Facilitate the seamless use of a centralized corporate account and password;
  2. Improve the end user experience when accessing corporate applications;
  3. Integrate the life-cycle management of the credentials with the central HR process (ensuring that credentials are automatically made available when the employee is onboarded and promptly removed when he/she leaves the company).
Many organizations struggle to integrate all of their corporate applications with their central directory (eg. Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, Google Workspace, etc.), because of legacy constraints or because of other indirect reasons.

When integration with SSO isn't possible or practical, there are smart solutions that can still ensure that access to the target applications is centralized through a Secure Access Portal, that will provide the following benefits:
  1. Secure remote access (also known as Zero Trust Network Access or ZTNA);
  2. The Portal itself can be integrated with SSO, achieving all the mentioned benefits;
  3. Access to the portal enables MFA, even if the target application doesn't support it;
  4. Passwords to applications are automatically enforced and rotated, therefore...
  5. The end user will not need to know the application password, and therefore...
  6. The password cannot be compromised, because it will be rotated after each logon;
  7. Activities performed by the user can be blocked and/or monitored;
  8. Alerts can be sent to the SOC, even if the applications themselves are not integrated.
Pro CISO provides the Secure Access Portal as a fully managed service, allowing customers to integrate their corporate applications within one secure environment.