Use Passkeys in Dashlane Enterprise Password Manager

Dashlane Enterprise Password Manager is the first to support Passkeys

Dashlane is the first password manager to offer an extension that works with passkeys to help you manage your online life.

Passkeys are a form of "passwordless authentication," meaning you can prove your identity when you log in to a website without a password. Instead, Dashlane acts as an "authenticator" and tells the website that you are who you say you are.

When you access a website for the first time using passkey technology, you enter your username as usual. Dashlane creates two "keys" that connect you securely to the site:

  • The first is a "private" key that we store safely in our app
  • The second is a "public" key that we send to the server of the website you want to access

The public key isn't a secret but is useless without the private key. And the private key is protected by Dashlane's unique security system. When you log in to a website using a passkey, Dashlane uses the public and the private keys together to connect you.

Currently only a few websites and platforms have the technology to authenticate using Passkeys, therefore for some time users will use a mix of passkeys and passwords to log in to your different accounts. 

With Dashlane, you can use either type of login. When you go to websites that are set up to use both passkeys and passwords, you can choose how you log in. When you select the login field for one of these sites, a pop-up will open showing any logins you've saved in Dashlane for the site.
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