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Dashlane Enterprise Password Manager Free trial and volume discounts

Password Manager

Dashlane is the enterprise grade password manager, providing both Personal and Business vaults. It can be integrated with Active Directory single sign on (SSO). The Business version comes with a VPN extension for public WiFi and a free Family & Friends option to improve security at home too !

Zero Trust Remote Access

Workforce Remote Access

Replacement for legacy VPN solutions to provide remote access to employees and 3rd parties. Concurrent user licensing. Setup a free trial in just minutes.

IT Admin Access Control

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution to allow secure and controlled access to IT Admins. Both internal and external.  

Access to Isolated areas

Provide secure access to Segregated environments, ensuring IT / OT integration. Reduce costs, improve security.

Sectigo Certificate Lifecycle Management

Certificate Manager

Sectigo certificate manager supports customers for centrally managing the life-cycle of their digital certificates, throughout their IT, Cloud and #IoT environments. Now also covering automated management of certificates originating from #AWS and #Google Cloud Platform.

Enterprise Asset Discovery Free trial

Asset Discovery

Axonius asset discovery integrates with existing IT and security platforms (eg. XDR, Active Directory, Azure, Google & AWS Cloud) to discover and qualify all the assets within their Cloud tenants and on-premise networks. It provides complete visibility of users, applications, compliance to security benchmarks and can finally integrate with an existing CMDB, maintaining it constantly updated.

OneTrust GRC for Privacy, Security and Compliance

Risk Management

Pro CISO® implements OneTrust to automate centralized Risk Management programs in which Privacy and Cybersecurity are fully integrated. Allowing organizations to: create an inventory of assets; Map data to applications; Define risk assessment questionnaires, with risk scores; Assess both internal and 3rd party risks; Distribute the efforts on all the involved stakeholders; Facilitate compliance to GDPR.

Security Products selected by Pro CISO Qualys BitSight Sectigo BeyondTrust Cyberelements Guardicore OneTrust Proofpoint Dashlane Axonius

Innovative Solutions

We identify the most innovative technologies on the market and team-up with reliable integrators that we fully trust, while recommending vendors that can provide best-fit solutions to mitigate our customers' threat exposure

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